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Piano Pronto arrow Piano Pronto - Easy Spotlight Solos Songbook
Piano Pronto Complete Teacher Pack - Now Available in Canada

Piano Pronto - Easy Spotlight Solos Songbook

View Sample Pages(11)
View Sample Pages(11)


 Piano Pronto - Easy Spotlight Solos Songbook
 Late Elementary Piano Solos
Piano Pronto by Jennifer Eklund

Order# P-14119
Retail Price: $14.99
Online Price*: $11.97

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Easy Spotlight Solos features 10 showcase solos in varying styles and tonal centers. These solos are ideal for late beginners of all ages and make great performance pieces for recitals and other events!

Level: Beginner, Late Beginner
Method Book Match: Prelude, Movement 1, Movement 2

Song List:

Genre(s): Classical, Contemporary Lyrical, Jazz & Blues, Pop-Style, Showcase Solos

• Smooth Sailing
• Don't Get it Twisted
• Summertime Swingin'
• Chillaxin'
• Keep Rising
• Minor Details
• Nightscape
• Believe It or Not
• Make Your Move
• Cut & Run

What is Piano Pronto®?

An exciting and rewarding approach to learning the piano!
The Piano Pronto piano lesson books are designed to get students of all ages playing real music - Pronto! Students will master the instrument while playing familiar and engaging melodies from a wide variety of genres. Key features of the Piano Pronto piano lesson books are:

• Students learn to read music notation from day one!
• Motivating, familiar solo piano music from beginning to late-intermediate levels
• Music drawn from all classical eras, standard piano repertoire, folk tunes, ragtime, blues, and patriotic songs
• Lush sounding, easy to read arrangements with fingers and dynamic suggestions
• Clear explanations of music theory, terminology, music history, and analysis
• Pronto Prep sections show students how to practice EFFECTIVELY!

Why are Teachers Switching to Piano Pronto?
• Higher student retention rates and increased studio size
• Age & gender neutral materials work great with ALL your students
• Faster progress with students at all levels compared to other methods
• Enthusiasm from parents about increased time practicing the piano
• Value! All-in-one approach means the end of book shuffling
Now available and shipping in Canada from Musical Tymes!

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