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Ultimate Music Theory - Intermediate Rudiments

View Sample Pages(6)
View Sample Pages(6)


 Ultimate Music Theory - Intermediate Rudiments
Revised Edition

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What’s Covered:


• Music Notation & Double Sharps and Double Flats
• Circle of Fifths – 7 Sharps and 7 Flats
• Technical Degree Names and Scales – Chromatic & 20th Century
• Triads, Intervals (Augmented & diminished) & Inversions
• Cadences – Perfect & Plagal
• Rhythm – Compound Time
• Transposing Major key to Major key
• and much more!

144 Pages, coil bound

Includes 80 flash cards

About the Series:

The Ultimate Music Theory Series by Glory St. Germain ARCT RMT is a dynamic Music Theory Workbook program for students of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Rudiments.

These top quality workbooks provide BONUS features only available in the Ultimate Music Theory Series: 80 Ultimate Music Theory Flashcards with Vocabulary, Musical Signs, Rhythm, and more for use at home and lesson time Ultimate Music Theory Guide and Ultimate Music Theory Chart which summarize key musical concepts for easy exam review Comprehensive Review Tests following each of 12 consecutive lessons Discover an innovative and sequential approach to the study of Rhythm Mastery and use of the Circle of Fifths, the key tool of Music Theory Soft cover, coil bound with 144 pages packed with essential content The Ultimate Music Theory Series gives musicians, teachers, and students the tools they need to master each element of a sound Music Theory Education, and in turn enhance the quality of all their musical experiences.

For teachers and their students, active engagement with a planned curriculum in Music Theory opens the door to full musical expression. It effectively secures confidence in reading and interpreting written scores. By mastering analysis and a common vocabulary, Music Theory Education facilitates the joy of creative self-expression through composition and performance.

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