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Piano Pronto Complete Teacher Pack - Now Available in Canada

RCM Voice Repertoire Grade 2


 RCM Voice Repertoire Grade 2
 Book & CD Package
Resonance: A Comprehnsive Voice Series

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Introducing Resonance™ A Comprehensive Voice Series

Resonance™ is the fourth edition of the acclaimed Voice Series published by The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited and endorsed by the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS).  Reflecting a broad range of styles and periods, the Resonance™ series provides teachers and students with selections for use in diverse situations, including examinations, recitals, festivals, and competitions.  Compiled with the aim of nurturing well-rounded musicianship, the songs in this series offer a wealth of technical and musical challenges that will be accessible to many different ages and voice types.  Featuring nine progressively leveled volumes of Repertoire with accompanying CDs and four volumes of Vocalises and Recitatives, Resonance™ is the ultimate instrument-building resource, helping students to establish vocal strength and enhance musicianship.

Voice Repertoire – Preparatory to Level 8
Each of the nine progressive volumes of Repertoire introduces students to essential voice literature.  With a breadth of composers, style periods, genres, and cultural traditions represented in each volume, the Repertoire books present an intrinsic approach for developing singers.  Throughout the series, students will experience a treasury of both standard works and exhilarating new discoveries, while contemporary compositions and alluring arrangements bring a refreshing energy to voice study.

Compact Discs – Preparatory to Level 8
A CD of piano accompaniments for each volume of Repertoire is provided as a guide to assist teachers and students with the study and presentation of this wealth of vocal literature.  Students will welcome the convenience of singing along with these quality recordings during home practice and while rehearsing for examinations and performances.  Teachers will appreciate the flexibility of using the CD during lessons to better focus on singing rather than accompanying.

Vocalises and Recitatives
These books present a balanced and progressive selection of Vocalises and Recitatives for all voice types.  Vocalises, which are presented beginning in Level 5, are extended exercises that feature certain technical demands such as dotted rhythms, coloratura, legato, and sustained singing.  Sung to vowel sounds only, vocalises allow students to concentrate on voice production and tone colour without the complication of language.  The Recitatives are excerpted from works by Purcell, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Mendelssohn, Bizet, Sullivan, Britten, and others.  Recitatives are stepping stones to more sophisticated repertoire and will assist students in preparing for the requirements of a university setting.

Voice Syllabus, 2012 Edition
This resource outlines the voice curriculum for the Preparatory to ARCT levels of The Royal Conservatory Examinations.  The Voice Syllabus includes an extensive listing of repertoire organized by musical style, historical era, or genre.  Resonance™: A Comprehensive Voice Series serves as the official material for the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory Examinations.

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